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General Features:

  • Browser-based system
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • Web-based control panel
  • 100% PHP, JavaScript code
  • Real-time content management
  • Latest technologies
  • Multilingual support
  • Modularity

Setup and Support:

  • Web-based installation wizard
  • No knowledge of programming languages required
  • Operation right after installation
  • Lifetime product support


  • Building of navigation tree graphs
  • Hierarchical menu
  • Unlimited nesting of pages
  • Creating of hidden pages
  • Creating redirects for a separate page and for the site on the whole
  • Automatic generation of a site map

Page Manager:

  • Improved system of building page tree
  • Title for menu, for a browser window, for a page
  • Meta tags for a separate page (if necessary)
  • Hiding a page
  • Creating of redirect
  • Indication of another design theme
  • Pages' restriction for registered users only

Site Manager:

  • Control panel
  • Global settings for the site
  • Readdressing
  • Profiling for the administrator
  • Modules management
  • Manager of images and files

Visual Editor:

  • WYSIWYG look-and-feel
  • MS Word-like toolbar
  • Text formatting tab
  • Point-and-click interface
  • HTML edit mode option
  • Pop-up interactive dialogs
  • Web safe color picker
  • Undo / redo option
  • Search tool

Design & Layout:

  • Customizable user interface
  • Templates / themes support
  • Multilingual interface

Add-on Modules:

  • Easy third-party modules integration
  • Module installation wizard
  • Articles module
  • BannerAds module
  • Bookmarks module
  • ContactUs module
  • Downloads module
  • Faq module
  • Feedback module
  • GeoIP module
  • GoogleSitemap module
  • Links module
  • Member_phpBB2 module
  • News module
  • NewsLetters module
  • PaypalDonate module
  • Polls module
  • Products module
  • RecommendUs module
  • Search module
  • Users module
  • and others on request

Tools & Utilities:

  • Edit Templates
  • Backup System
  • SQL command line
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • PHP Shell
  • Verify Permissions
  • Website's PageRank
  • Visitors Statistics
  • Referers
  • Administrator notepad


  • Automatic publishing
  • Dynamic content updating


  • Search engine friendly pages
  • Add META tags
  • Define custom META tags for every page

Error Handling:

  • Warning messages
  • Customizable error pages

Suggest new feature!

The professional system of content management is constantly improved, completed with new features. In the process of redesign we always consider the requests of our customers, as well as new trends in internet design.

In addition to the standard configuration of PHPFABER CMS flexible customization to the clients requirements is possible.



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