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Java Programming

It's no secret that at present Java is one of the world's most popular and widely used programming languages. It is present on your PC, mobile device (whether it is laptop, cellular phone or your favourite multimedia smartphone, GPS navigation device etc.).
Java is not only a programming language, but also a platform for Java-based enterprise-level applications.

Java platform classifications

J2EE or Java EE is Java Enterprise Edition for enterprise-level solution development; J2SE or Java SE is Java Standard Edition for client applications development, in the first place, for desktop applications; J2ME, Java ME or Java Micro Edition is designed for devices with limited processing power, including cellular phones, PDA, embedded systems.

Our team specializes in development of J2EE WEB-based applications to run both over the Internet and local networks.

Working experience in such J2EE technologies, as:

  • Servlets and JSP;
  • Web Services;
  • XML processing interface.

Work with Web containers:

  • Apache Tomcat;
  • Jetty.

Experience in working with Apache Web server, WebLogic and IBM WebSphere application servers, with Hibernate library, designed for object-relational mapping (ORM) and Spring Framework.

Database applications development based on following DBMS:

  • MySQL;
  • Oracle;
  • DB2.

Thorough knowledge of DHTML, JavaScript, ActionScript 3 and AdobeFlex framework allows developing flexible and user-friendly application interfaces (client-side).

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